Early Xerox products and history

Xerox is the company that brought the first plain paper copier to the world. The process for making copies on plain paper, was first called Electro-photography, but was later changed to Xerography.

With this website we want to preserve the history of Xerox, both the company and the machines that was produced in the early years of Xerox. We hope you enjoy this showcase, and history of the old Xerox copiers and duplicators, as well as the story of Xerox and Xerography.

Xerox 50 series

In 1988 Xerox launched their 50 series, to celebrate Fifty years after Chester Carlson produced the first xerographic image in his Astoria, Queens, New York lab.  Xerox called the new copiers, grouped under the 50 series label, its most important new products since 1982, when it announced the first of its 10 series of copiers. The new models had more features and cost more than models in the 10 series, which helped Xerox win back much of the market it had lost to Japanese rivals. The first models in the 50 series was 5018, 5028, 5046, 5052 and 5090.

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Xerox 10 series

Check out the new section in this website - the 10 series. First out is the Xerox 1075 copier.

Xerox 10 Series

Xerox 3100 Diplomat

Xerox 3100 DiplomatHave you ever heard about the Xerox 3100 Diplomat? Read more about this machine in this page.

Xerox 4500

Check out some new pictures of the Xerox 4500. Read more...

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Old Xerox commercials

Want to see old Xerox commercials? Visit this page for some old commercials.

The history of Xerography

Xerography has long been used to describe the special copying technique. But how well do we know the story behind it?

Photocopying machine (in common speech called the copy machine) is perhaps the most remarkable technological invention of the last century. The importance is not far from the computer.