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Copyflo 11

In 1955 came Copyflo 11, the first completely automated xerographic machine. It produced enlarged prints up to 11 inches in width, at a rate of 20 linear feet per minute on a continuous roll from microfilm originals. Copyflo was also the first product to use a drum, instead of a plate, as the photoconductive surface. The rotating drum, an ingenious solution to the problem of how to make copies quickly, has been used again and again in Xerox machines.

Revenues from Copyflo were healthy, and by 1956, xerographic products accounted for almost 40 percent of revenues. Inspired by its modest success, Haloid optimistically changed its name to Haloid Xerox in 1958. By that time it was well into a much larger effort: the development of a fast, cheap, convenient office copier. People didn't have one then. But they had plenty of other options.

The Copyflo 11 came out in three different models. Rank Xerox used another naming conventions than Haloid Xerox in the US. Therefore in the list below, we have shown both model names:

Haloid Xerox model name Rank Xerox model name Description
Copyflo 11 Model 1 Copyflo 1a Produces copy from 16 or 35mm positive or negative roll microfilm
Copyflo 11 Model 2 Copyflo 2a For single copy reproduction from opaque or translucent original documents-reduced, enlarged or size-for-size
Copyflo 11 Model 3 Copyflo 12a Combines all features of Models 1/1a and Model 2/2a. Interchangeable from microfilm to original document operation by single control lever


In 1958 the Copyflo 24 was introduced. Rank Xerox called this model Copyflo 5. Rank Xerox Copyflo 5bc denotes when it was supplied with the optional, external Bowie Cutter. This printer produced prints up to 24" wide from roll or card-mounted microfilm. A fully automatic, high speed machine for the production of engineering prints from roll or card-mounted microfilm. Uses ordinary paper, translucent intermediates or offset master material. High quality copies up to 24" in width are produced at the rate of 20 linear feet per minute. Essential to unitized microfilm systems where a large volume of prints is required.

Copyflo 24C

Rank Xerox and Copyflo

Rank Xerox Copyflo 1a, 2a, 12a, 5bc machines, with the exception of Copyflo 2a - fast magnifier, prints from 16 or 35mm roll microfilm and from 35mm aperture cards.

Copyflo 2a copies from plain paper originals up to 60cm wide, and these can be reduced to 50% of the original size.
All Copyflo machines work automatically with a paper feed capacity of 6.1 m / min.

Copyflo 1a was microfilm only.

Copyflo 2a was plain paper documents only.

Copyflo 12a combined the two above machines and so would print from both plain paper and a choice of microfilm formats.


Thanks to Stuart Yearsley.



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