Xerox Conference Copier

A "unknown" Xerox product has come to my knowledge. It's the Xerox Conference Copier. This product was produced around 1986, and it seems that is was a Fuji Xerox product.

This is a text taken from the copier manual:

"The Xerox Conference Copier is a moveable five-page conference-size screen that has the capability of making letter-size prints of whatever is written on the screen. The conference copier can print one, two, or four pages of the screen onto a single sheet of letter-size paper. The screen can be stopped between pages in order to draw or print continoulsy across pages. The fifth page of the screen provides a security page. Information written on the fifth page cannot be copied."

If anyone has some more information about this Xerox product, your comment bellow is much appreciated.

Xerox Conference Copier

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October 21, 2022 2:50 pm

Looks great!

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