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Xerox 1005 Color Copier

November 1986: Xerox announces the Xerox 1005 Color Copier. The 1005 Color Copier could produce 5 full color copies in a minute, or 7.5 copies in a minute in one single color.

The 10 series represented a new generation of copiers. This became the most successful line of copiers in Xerox history and served to restore the company's finances and morale. The flagship Xerox 1075 became the first American-made product to win Japan's Grand Prize for Good Design. Altogether, 14 models were introduced between 1982 and 1986, six of which were still sold in 1990.



Copy speed (per minute)5 (full color). First copy in 22 seconds
7.5 (single color) First copy in 18 seconds
Paper trayTray 1: 500 sheets
Tray 2: 500 sheets
Output tray capacityn/a
Staple function
Reduction/zoomVariable: 65%to 141%in 1%increments
Pre-set: 65 %,74%,100%,130%, and 141%.
Document handlerAutomatic document handler with 100 sheets capacity
Dimension and weight
Depth74 (cm) / 29 5/8 (inches)
Width110 (cm) / 43.5 (inches)
Height99 (cm) / 39 (inches)
Weight350 (K grams) / 772 (Lbs)
Floor space requirementsn/a

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Joseph Denaro
Joseph Denaro
November 22, 2020 3:31 pm

I was the 1005 color copier program manager. Xerox was a great company, have many good memories of those days.

Jon heckman
Jon heckman
Reply to  Joseph Denaro
May 7, 2021 9:58 pm

The 1005 color copier was short lived in the US market. The superior image quality and reliability of LASER imaging was just around the corner. It was developed in Japan where it was available for a couple of years prior to it’s launch in the US.

Although it retained light imaging, it was a significant improvement over the 13 year old 6500. Especially innovative yet simple in concept was the non bouncing/non moving developer housings, as compared to the bouncing/moving and problematic 6500 housings.

Kai Munch
Kai Munch
Reply to  Jon heckman
December 6, 2023 4:03 pm

In Sweden it was killed by the Canon laser ecuiped machine. The 1005 had me working color machines three times.First,only and last.Spent hours on callibraiting color with poor equipments and tools.

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