About this website

This web site is a “one man show”, and is created with the purpose to preserve pictures and information of the old Xerox copiers and duplicators, which was produced in the early years of Xerox. This site does not contain any information or pictures, of laser printing systems or other Xerox computer systems products.

My interest in Xerox products started when I was a young boy, and I was set to copy our school’s newspaper on a Xerox 4000 copier. I was so fascinated by this machine, and that it was so easy to make copies. I also got to look inside the machine when it made copies, because a Xerox technician was fixing some problems with the machine. After that, my Xerox geekery was a fact.

I am always looking for more pictures and information for these old Xerox machines, so if you have any info/pictures, please email me at xeroxnostalgia@outlook.com.

I hope you enjoy this web site, and looking forward to any comment you may have.