Xerox 5028

Xerox 5028

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From the Xerox Products Guide 1988-89:

Mastering all of the 5028's features is a breeze: All your options are displayed in logical sequence on a neat, easy-to-follow control panel. And it's all backed by a three-year warranty. The compact 5028 is made to order for smaller businesses, and can handle sophisticated jobs with no sacrifice in quality or speed. It maintains a consistent 28 copies per minute with an Automatic Document Feeder and a bidirectional sorter.

The 5028 automatically monitors and adjusts copy quality, and has nine manually set contrast levels, plus Photo and Auto Contrast. Optional Zoom Reduction/Enlargement allows you to change the image size from 64% to 156% of the original. The 5028 feeds from four paper sources, and handles paper sizes from 5 1h x 81h " up to 11 X 17". With its Job Interrupt feature, you can even take care of a rush job when someone else is using the 5028.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 69 / 27.2

 119 / 46.9

 100 / 39.4

  90 / 198 (K grams / Lbs)

 1.34 x 1.85 / 4.4 x 6.1

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The 5018 and 5028 were essentially the same machine. The only difference was the stickers on the the control panel and the ROM in the logic board. The speed difference was created by the 5018 pausing every 3 pages


I had to think way back but I do remember the 5018 scanner pausing after so many copies. Even back then I wondered why it would do that but now I know. I wonder why they wouldn’t just do away with the 5018 and try to sell the 5028 to everyone.