Xerox 2080

From the Xerox Annual Report 1979:

The 2080 printer, developed by Fuji Xerox for worldwide distribu'tion, creates prints from engineering drawings in a variety of sizes ... Using a zoom-lens optical system, the 2080 makes prints ranging from less than half the size of the original drawing to nearly 50 percent larger ... Large drawings can be reduced for convenient handling; detailed drawings can be enlarged for easy revision.

It accepts originals up to 36" wide, in any length, and produces copies of any length up to 24" wide, a third more than previous Xerox equipment. A major feature of the 2080 is the zoom optical system that enlarges-the first xerographic machine to do this-as well as reduces. Copy sizes ranging from 141% to 45% of the original can simply be dialed in with a wheel calibrated in single percentage points. With technical input from Rank Xerox and the United States, the machine was developed by Fuji Xerox and is manufactured in Japan for worldwide marketing. It is as successful overseas as in North America, where orders have exceeded all estimates.


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October 14, 2021 8:24 pm

We used one of these for years back in the day.
Did anyone have them catch on fire if the paper jammed?
Ours literally used to burn paper if it jammed

jen marquez
jen marquez
March 5, 2021 8:59 pm

37 years ago today, I was hired to run the 2080. I preferred this over running the blueline machine 🙂

Dave Swider
Dave Swider
November 19, 2020 5:01 pm

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time feeding stuff into these and taking prints out of them. Thanks for adding this!!!

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