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Xerox 740 Microfiche reader/printer

From the Xerox 740 Microfiche reader/printer specification sheet:

The Xerox 740 is a COM-format microfiche reader / printer that makes prints directly on ordinary cutsheet bond paper. As a result, the 740 offers unusual advantages in print quality, productivity, reliability,
and economy.

High-contrast, sharp-focus prints are consistently delivered by the 740. Prints are dry-you can immediately use them, write on them, even copy another document on the back surface. Prints won't fade or curl or yellow with time. Best of all, you can confidently distribute a 740 print to anyone-no need to re-copy it to improve the appearance.

There are unexpected benefits, too! Because the 740 prints on bond paper, you can use colored stock to facilitate distribution. You can use hole-punched paper, pre-printed forms, or even letterhead, if desired.

The 740 is very simple to operate and maintain. Anyone in your office can easily load paper and make prints. There are no liquids or photosensitive materials to deal with. No warm-up period, no adjustment needed to achieve or maintain quality - no trial prints.

Economy of operation is especially attractive. Again, the use of low-cost bond paper makes a big difference. Not only does the 740 provide print quality that is unmatched by any other process, but you get
these high-quality prints for a fraction of the cost!

This combination of economy and simplicity, you'll discover, makes the 740 a very productive solution to your printing needs.

Xerox 740 Microfiche reader/printer spec

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Stuart Yearsley
Stuart Yearsley
November 5, 2022 1:59 pm

Fuji grafted one of their microfiche heads onto a Xerox 660 copier. A quartz-halogen, pre-focus bulb projected the image, first onto a viewing screen via a beam-splitter. Then, when the print button was pressed the image was deflected downwards. It then met the 660 object mirror, which had been remounted pointing upwards, then through the lens, off the image mirror and onto the drum as usual. The document drum was deleted but development, paper feed and transfer were as normal – with one exception. As with all the other microfilm products, the Reverse Xerox Process was necessary to convert a… Read more »

17 Fuji Xerox 740 Microfiche Printer.jpg
Jim Frieday
Jim Frieday
December 1, 2020 1:01 pm

In the mid 1980s I was giving a tour of our office to three visiting engineers from Japan. They spotted the 740 and wanted a closer look. I showed then how it worked then opened the side cover. They all pointed and said “660, close back up!”

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