Xerox 2202

The Xerox 2202 copier was a modified version of the Fuji Xerox model 2200. In 1973, Fuji Xerox introduced the 2200 copier. This was modified and adapted for the European market and was given the model number 2202. Towards the end of 1977, the Xerox 2202 machine was launched in the UK.

The lens, drum and cleaning mechanism was straight from the Xerox 813.

The following text below is from a Polish Xerox 2202 brochure.

Compactness and efficiency
The 2202 copier, which is used to make copies on ordinary office paper, can be installed in any office room due to its compactness and small size. A matching desktop provides a convenient place to store paper and supplies.

Immediate operation
The Xerox 2202 requires no preheating. It delivers crisp, dry copies as soon as it starts up. Performance : 10 A4 copies per minute, or 5 B4 copies per minute.

Simple operation of the copier
Place the original on the flat screen. Select the desired number of copies /from 1-15/ with the dial. Press the green "start print" button, Effect-perfect quality copies. After making the set number of copies, the dial automatically returns to the initial state.

Excellent copy quality
Xerox 2202 perfectly and cleanly reproduces : letters, technical drawings and halftones on plain office paper, transparency paper and letterheads. With technically difficult input materials like blue carbon paper originals, you only need to press the blue 'capy darker ' button to get a clear and sharp copy.

Copying versatility
Xerox 2202 faithfully reproduces any original up to B-4 format/257 mm x 364 mm/.It provides high quality copies from a variety of originals such as : computer prints, technical drawings, photographs and even three-dimensional objects. Allows copying from bound volumes.

Automatic paper feeding
Paper feeding is done automatically from the paper feed tray for A4 or B4 size paper.

Advantages of Xerox Copier 2202

  • Small dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • High quality copies
  • Immediate operation
  • Copying from a variety of originals
  • Automatic paper feed
  • Manual paper feed for double-sided copying
  • Reliable operation
  • Quiet operation

Dimensions of the original
257 mm x 364 mm-B4 maximum

Copy paper
With automatic feeding-A4, B4 With manual feeding A6 to B4

Copy speed
600 copies A4 per hour 300 copies B4 per hour

Copy quantity programmer
From 1 to 15

Electrical conditions
Maximum power consumption 1.6 KVA

Length : 50 cm
Height : 96.5 cm (included table stand)
Width : 55 cm




Copy speed (per minute)10 A4 copies, or 5 B4 copies per minute
Paper trayn/a
Output tray capacityn/a
Staple function
Document handler
Dimension and weight
Lenght50 (cm) / 19.6 (inches)
Height96.5 (cm) / 38 (inches) included table stand
Width55 (cm) / 21.6 (inches)
Floor space requirementsn/a

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