Xerox 5046

Xerox 5046

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From the Xerox Products Guide 1988-89:

The mid-volume 5046 has the best of both worlds: the range of automatic features found on high-volume copiers, and the ease of use associated with low-volume, desktop copiers. The console controls are laid out in simple, logical groupings, and the graphic and text displays guide the user through complex jobs. At 35 copies per minute, the 5046 provides consistent copy quality and high productivity over the long haul, while engaging special features such as auto reduce/enlarge, auto contrast, auto paper select, auto duplex, second side margin shift, stapling and sorting.

The 5046 offers a choice of document handlers, including Automatic and Recirculating. Activate the mixed originals function and the 5046 will take a stack of mixed size originals and create size for size copies automatically. The split-scan mode allows you to copy books 81/2 x II" or smaller, single-sided or two-sided. The four paper trays, with a 1,900-sheet capacity, are located in front for easy access and reloading. The "works in a drawer" paper module pulls out at waist level, ensuring jam clearance is quick and easy. Copier downtime is reduced because customers can quickly and easily change the dry ink cartridge, and the modular print cartridge is replaceable in minutes by a Xerox Service Representative.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 60 / 23.6

 114 / 44.9

 104 / 41.0

  150 / 309 (K grams / Lbs)

 2 x 2 / 6.6 x 6.6

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