Xerox 550

Xerox 550

This is the Xerox 550 copier. We have very little information on this copier, so if anyone have some info about the copier, please send an email to or enter a comment in the form below.

One thing we do know, is that this copier produced one copy at a time. There was no dial to enter how many copies you would like to have.

Do you have any more information about this model, or have brochures / pictures, please leave a reply in the form below, or send an email to

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Stuart Yearsley
Stuart Yearsley
September 8, 2023 2:57 pm

The Xerox 550 was just one of several ways in which Xerox attemted to squeeze every last bit out of it’s vast stock of refurbished, ex-rental Xerox 660 copiers. Scrapping was never an option with the company. Originally called the 660F, it was a base 660, repainted cream and with the multi-copy function deleted. So the programmer assy. and knob was removed, as also was the trip-counter. Rather than just blocking up the holes, there was a custom upper-front panel, and the lower-front panel was replaced by the earlier part from the Xerox 813. The 550 product number was later… Read more »

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