Xerox 5090

Xerox 5090

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From the Xerox Products Guide 1988-89:

Simply the premier duplicating system. Making 135 copies per minute with on-line permanent binding or stitching, and featuring a Touch Control Screen, the 5090 sets the new standard for productivity, copy quality and ease of use.

The copy quality is comparable to metal-plate master work done on offset duplicators. You can use a broad range of originals, from text to colored line art, halftones, even photos. Books from 15 to 125 pages can be bound with thermal adhesive binding. And 2 to 70 pages can be single- or dual-stitched at the touch of a button. With a 20Mb computer, the 5090 adds yet another level of electronic diagnostics and self adjustment to key functions, thus maximizing performance and uptime. While one job is running, you can set up another (programming, loading, unloading, running)-up to 36 jobs at a time. And at any time you can find out exactly what job is in progress. The full-color Touch Control Screen helps you make full use of all the 5090's many features. All pertinent information is right in front of you-in text or displayed in graphics and icons. Of course, the versatile 5090 easily integrates an extensive list of time-saving features, such as automatic duplexing, cover and tab insertion, document handling, tab imaging, and front and back cover insertion.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 104 / 41.0

 370 / 145.8

 155 / 61.1

  1,076 / 2,373 (K grams / Lbs)

 5 x 3 / 16.4 x 9.8

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