Xerox 1055

Xerox 1055

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March 1984: Xerox launches their marathon model 1055.

The following text is taken from the 1055 product information: The Xerox 1055 handles very large copying. It takes originals up to A2 size, and makes copies up to B3 size (40% bigger than A3). It speeds through A4 jobs at up to 50 copies per minute, and fast, multiple A3 size-for-size copies at 27 per minute. While the semi-automatic document handler lets you feed originals up to three times faster than manual copying. Quite a productivity benefit.

The 1055 enlarges, as well as reduces, makes double-sided copies, sorts and collates. It even folds A3 copies to A4 size. This means you can incorporate big charts, drawings or plans into A4 reports, folded and inserted automatically, into collated sets of up to 50 sheets each.

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