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The Xerox copier 6500 color copier was introduced in May 1973, and made full color copies on plaine paper and transparents. 3M offered a color copier several years that required specially treated paper for each copy. The Xerox 6500 printed 4 copies in a minute, so it was rather slow. There are stories telling, that the 6500 also set copies on fire from time to time.





The process of creating color copies explained


Document placed face down on the platen glass (1) is scanned by the moving lamps (2), and its image is projected onto the object mirror (3). The image is reflected from the object mirror through a lens and color-separation filter system (4) onto the image mirror (5). This mirror projects the image through the exposure box (7) onto a positively charged light-sensitiv drum (6). The light image, in the first cycle, has passed through a green filter and discharges the drum in non-image areas. Next, magenta toner, the filter’s complementary color, is applied to the latent charged image remaining ont the drum with rollers containing rod magnets (8) -detail, above. Negatively charged toner, which coats magnetic-carrier particles, is taken to the roller by paddles. The toner is attracted to the charged image on the drum; carrier particles, which remain on the rollers, are recovered. Paper from the tray (9) is held on a charged transfer roll, which attracts the toner image from the alloy drum and holds it on the paper. The paper is held on the transfer roll for up to three sequential images, depending on the number of colors selected. The second cycle exposes the document through a blue filter, applying yellow toner in exact registration over the magenta toner. The final cycle uses a red fiter and applies cyan toner over the magenta and yellow. The paper is the transported to the fuser (10) where heat fuses the color toners to the paper. The melted toners give a glossy appearance to the copy. The copy paper the goes to the receiving tray (11). The 6500 runs in full-color, three-color, or single-color mode. Source: Popular Science, October 1973

Inside Xerox 6500 color copier

Inside Xerox 6500 color copier


(Centimeter / inches) (K grams / Lbs) Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)
Depth: 117 / 46
Width: 107 / 42
Height: 117 / 46
Weight: 472 / 1041 3 x 3 / 9 x 10

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  1. Dana says:

    I have a brochure for the 6500 that was created around 1972/73. I would be happy to scan/pdf or let me know how I could be helpful. I also have brochures for the 4000, and a few product sheets for 9400.

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