Xerox 3100

Xerox 3100

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April 1973: Xerox launches their model 3100 – a compact copier on a wheel stand.

Xerox 3100 copier copies on ordinary, unsensitized, cut-sheet paper directly from original document. First copies ready in eight seconds and succeeding copies produced at the rate of twenty per minute. The machine was excellent book copier with a maximum image area of 8 ½” x 14″.

The copier has a cassette paper-loading capability that permits quick and easy changes in paper sizes, weights and colors.







Xerox 3100 operating panel

Xerox 3100 operating panel

Some AD’s of the Xerox 3100 copier.

Xerox 3100 ad Xerox 3100, 3100LDC and 3107 ad Xerox 3100, 3100LDC, 3107 and 3400 ad


(Centimeter / inches) (K grams / Lbs) Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)
Depth: 72 / 28
Width: 83 / 33
Height: 97 / 38
Weight: 95.5 / 210.6 n/a

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  1. Jim says:

    god there were a gazillion of these – and the related 3107 and 3109 – in offices everywhere. The 3100 product line was the first reliable, relatively high-speed , affordable copier for the small office. Larger companies had these sprinkled around everywhere for departmental use. From the mid-70’s until the Japanese market penetration, in the early 80’s, these were the universal office copier.

  2. Ed Jones-Mack says:

    As I recall, the 3100 was also the first low-end.Xerox copier that made use of magnetic-brush (also called “mag roll”) technology for a near offset-press printing quality. Over 90% of the electronics fit on a single circuit board which made troubleshooting a much simpler matter than with the 4000 products which spread the digital electronics across five or six different circuit boards. Operators loved it as unlike the 660s that were replaced by 3100s , the 3100 did not have a tendency to set fire to every 10th sheet that came out of the paper tray!

    An annoying tendency of the 3100 copier was to “run dirty”, necessitating regular maintenance on the drum cleaning assembly. Xerox engineering developed a seemingly endless array of models based on the same frame, including the 3103, 3107, and 3109.

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