Xerox 9500

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October 1979: The Xerox 9500 duplicating system offered automatic document feeding and collating, reduction and double-sided copies, with the speed of two copies in a second. First copy after only 8 seconds.

The 9500 could be delivered with either a 24-bin or 50-bin sorter.

Did you know? The design name of the Xerox 9500 was Paragon


Xerox 9500 specifications

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Once Webster figured out how to get us field techs to keep all the transports to stay in alignment, I daresay that the 9500 was likely the best designed and overall the best performing piece of office equipment in the last 25 years of the 20th century. And that includes the much balleyhooed “Ten Series”. IMHO nobody has since come close to either the design of the machine, the robust build or the service and logistics organization that supported it – and after its heyday, Xerox began its long slide into irrelevance. A pitiful shame, but at least they managed… Read more »
Fascinating, thanks. I operated one of these for a couple of years in the early 1980’s as an after school job. The machine struck me as remarkably high-tech for the time but the maintenance required to keep it operating and stay on schedule was crazy. Little rollers that started out nice and rubbery but quickly got hard and slick, the corotrons that always needed cleaning, and that damn belt which needed a weekly polish with chemicals that I’m fairly certain are banned now. But, I learned a lot and became rather self-reliant and a good problem solver / improviser. Having… Read more »

Oh, this beastie. I ran a 50-slot version as late as 1992, when I was told it was one of two still operating in the region. I can’t look at it without thinking of Nine To Five…or of lifting the panel when it jammed and seeing all those red lights.