Xerox 1090

Xerox 1090

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February 1985: Xerox announces the Xerox 1090.

The Xerox 1090's programming facilities could make every kind of copying easy to do, with simple inscrutions displayed clearly on the control panel. The copier could produce 92 copies in a minute.

In Europe the Xerox 1090 was manufactured at Lille in France.

It's inbuilt microcomputer could hold some 500 mesages to help the operator to program the exact requirements; to advise the operator of the progress of the work; and to solve problems if the operator should need help. The combination of plain language text and coloured graphics enables even untrained users to confidently use the copier's versatile facilities.

The Xerox 1090 could copy single sided or double sided documents, and produce them as single sided or double sided copies. Meaning that the user could convert a single sided report to double sided, thus halving the bulk and paper cost, and reducing distribution and storage costs. Or the user could spread a double sided original onto single sides, leaving reverse sides free for notes or illustrations. The 1090 had image shift to properly position the second side when it makes double sided copies, ensuring correct binding margins.

The 10 series represented a new generation of copiers. This became the most successful line of copiers in Xerox history and served to restore the company's finances and morale. The flagship Xerox 1075 became the first American-made product to win Japan's Grand Prize for Good Design. Altogether, 14 models were introduced between 1982 and 1986, six of which were still sold in 1990.







 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

89 / 35.1

 256 / 100.9

 130 / 51.2

  545 / 1,202 (K grams / Lbs)

 3 x 2 / 9.8 x 6.6

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When the 1090 came out I was a copier trainer or CSR in then Princeton, NJ sales office but then moved into sales. We sold a ton of them!

Paul holtz
Paul holtz

Wow does this bring back memories. I spent a year in New York helping develop this product in 1984 through 85. I’m still in Chicago. Any old friends that see this say hi I’m Paul Holtz. Pholtz@classondemand


Thanks for helping develop one of my favorite machines of all time! 🙂