Xerox 8300

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The Xerox 8300 was introduced to the European market, in about 1981/1982. It had the same specifications as the Xerox 8200, but only with a modified control panel. Instead of printing the flip card help manuals in 23 different languages, they came up with the idea (which was taken from Xerox intelligent type writers display) to make a green phosphor screen, that could provide information and help to the operator of the machine.

The buttons in the control panel was from the Xerox 1045 mid-volume copier. There was an ‘I’ button in the control panel, and the operator could select the appropriate language. The buttons that selected the print options was staggered as they were bigger underneath, and so this was the only way to fit them in. Pressing the button moved the outline box from one option to the next, and this would cycle through all the options.

Some info (same as for Xerox 8200)

  • printed 70 copies in a minute
  • 2-sided copying
  • reduction
  • stapling and sorting

The machine collated copies without a sorter.

Xerox 8300 head






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 147 / 58

 140 / 55

 130 / 51

 1014 / 2236

 3 x 2 / 11 x 8

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