Xerox 813

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In October 1963 started the production of the Xerox 813 desktop copier, which was a improved version of Xerox 813. To make a copy, you entered how many copies you wanted, and then fed the original into the machine. The original came out in a slot in front of the machine, and the copies came out of a slot right beneath where the original came out. Obviously one couldn't make copies from a book with this machine.

The paper path inside the copier was quite simple. When the paper left the paper tray, a “gripper bar” with three grippers on two bars run by a chain 180 degrees apart, grabbed the paper and transported it under the drum, and through the fuser. The fuser unit was not a heat roller, but a heater lamp, and the paper passed under this heating lamp, in order for the toner to melt into the paper.

This YouTube clip shows the copier in action


AD for the Xerox 813 desktop copier

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