Xerox 3300

Xerox 3300

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October 1979: Xerox launches their model 3300. This was a very compact copier, and the speed was 23 copies in a minute.

Did you know? The codename of the Xerox 3300 was Maverick.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)






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Curious that is the same “box” which the Xerox 2700 network Laser Printer was housed in. A 8000 (8010) Print Server was usually attached.


This machine was all right. It was developed to,habe a smaller footprint and produce copies faster than the 3100 line. I don’t think XRox produced many of them, though., not compared ro the 3100 line.

My most vivid memory of them is that they sometimes rocked and swayed back and forth because they were probably a little top heavy. We used to joke ‘Beginning liftoff sequence!’

Anthony Groves
Anthony Groves

I was the lead person from Field Engineering to join the design team at Milton Keynes in 1977 until I left Xerox in February 1979. When I went there, the project was just a concept with a sketch on one A4 sheet. Previously, the design team had produced a design using liquid toner in a very narrow floor-standing machine feeding paper short-edge first, which was intended to stand at the end of a desk as a personal copier. They had never taken any design through to production and so had not been exposed to the lessons of real product problems.… Read more »