Xerox 2350

Xerox first desktop, platen-style reduction copier 2350 came on the market in September 1981. It made 10 copies in one minute. It could reduce from A3 to B4 or A3 to A4 size. The paper tray could hold up to 200 A4 paper.

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The paper path inside the copier was quite simple. When the paper left the paper tray, a “gripper bar” with two clips opened and grabbed the paper and transported it under the drum, and through the fuser. The fuser unit was a heat roller and pressure roller, and the paper passed between the two rollers in order for the toner to melt into the paper.

The control panel consisted of the ordinary green Start print/copy button, and a wheel with quantity selector. For reduction there was two buttons- one for 86% and one for 71%. There was a display at the top/back end of the machine, where it showed symbols of ready and paper jam.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 56 / 22.1

 95 / 37.4

 33 / 13.0

 79 / 174 (K grams) / (Lbs) 

 2 x 2 / 6.6 x 6.6 (Meters) / (Feet)

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