Xerox was founded in 1906 in Rochester as The Haloid Photographic Company, which originally manufactured photographic paper and equipment. In 1938 Chester Carlson, a physicist working independently, invented a process for printing images using an electrically charged drum and dry powder “toner”.

Joseph C. Wilson, credited as the “founder of Xerox”, took over Haloid from his father. He saw the promise of Carlson’s invention and, in 1946, signed an agreement to develop it as a commercial product. Wilson remained as President/CEO of Xerox until 1967 and served as Chairman until his death in 1971.

Looking for a term to differentiate its new system, Haloid coined the term Xerography from two Greek roots meaning “dry writing”. Haloid subsequently changed its name to Haloid Xerox in 1958 and then Xerox Corporation in 1961.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerox

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  1. Daryle Lessard says:

    In the early 70,s, I met with C. Peter McColough, CEO of Xerox . We discussed the PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) that he started. At PARC, Xerox developed the Alto personal computer, mouse, Ethernet, windows, internet protocols, and laser printing.
    At that time, the company was more interested in copiers than computers, and gave the inventions away to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

  2. David Hooge says:

    I was hired in 1978 and trained on the 3100f and the 813/660 copiers. Later they added the 3300 then the 1075/1090. Eventually I was schooled on the 5100/5800.

  3. Gerhard Rudolf says:

    I started in Germany with 660, 3100-3107, 3400, X400, X800 and X850/X860

  4. Jim O'Hara says:

    Yeah-boy, I worked for Xerox starting in 1984. First machine trained on was the 1045, followed next year by the1048, 1040, 1050, etc. My territory was midtown south ( 33rd to 23rd, Madison to 1st ave not including the hospitals) Eventually, I was everywhere south of 42nd. Loved it, no wait, HATED IT !

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