Xerox 9400

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September 1977: The Xerox 9400 duplicating system offered automatic document feeding and collating, reduction and double-sided copies, with the speed of two copies in a second.

This Xerox 9400 has a 50-bin sorter.

Did you know? The design name of the Xerox 9400 was Amethyst






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 183 / 72

 198 / 78

 351 / 138

 148 / 58

 4 x 3 / 15 x 9

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It was featured in the movie 9 to 5 with Jane Fonda in a funny scene

This machine was the main method of information distribution for the entire Federal Government for quite awhile… As a Federal Branch tech, I took service calls on these machines coming from the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department, the Defense Mapping Agency, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Pax River Naval Research Center, NIH, USUHS, the National Bureau of Standards, and just about every medium to large print shop in the metro D.C area. Xerox must have made an unbelievably enormous amount of money from that product – and spent an almost equally unbelievable amount maintaining them, because I also remember the… Read more »
Robert Wells

Did you ever work with Doug Bowman. He was our field service engineer in the 1973 to 1976 time frame at one the @@ agency you mentioned.


I had a full territory of 9500 and 9900 machines, in Saint Louis at Southwestern Bell Telephone. Every telephone repairman (person) in the SWBT organization got something off of my machines, whether a service manual, service update, or release on the new technology of Fiber Optic cabling.
9500’s were everywhere. US Army, Scott Air Force Base, GM plant where they built Corvettes and trucks, Anheuser-Busch, commercial print plants. It was the industry standard for many years, and the one to beat.

Gayle Moore

Does anyone have any idea of the noise rating for this machine. I worked one for five and a half years straight. They were really noisy. I am trying to get compensation for hearing aides. Thank you

Jim Lee
From what I remember, the Xerox 9400 had the Black Face Panel for the controls and that the Xerox 9500 had the Gray Face Panel. My Xerox Tech was a Tech specialist who received a forwarded call from another Tech in Los Angeles (I ran the Copy Center for a Bank in Milwaukee, WI). It was the Tech who was setting up a Xerox 9400 on a set for “9 to 5” at 20th Century-Fox Studios. That was in 1979, the movie came out in 1980. Many of the knobs and dials on that 9400 were Pasted-on. The recording engineers… Read more »
Jim Lee
I would like to clarify something pertaining to my first comment on here. I fully realize that there were many Tech specialists in the Southern CA. area, so, I do not know why a Tech in Los Angeles, doing an “install” at 20th Century-Fox studios would have his call forwarded to a Tech Specialist in Milwaukee, WI. I never could figure that one out, but it did happen! Here’s an on-line picture I found a few years ago of a XEROX 9400 in an office with two Techs and a man waiting to make copies. I don’t remember where I… Read more »
Jim Lee

Sorry, I forgot to include the picture I was talking about. Here it is.

x9700-at-work1 (2016_01_15 17_13_35 UTC).jpg