Xerox 5600

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October 1979: Xerox introduced their medium volume copier/duplicator 5600. This model had automatic feeding of originals, sorterless collating, optional on-line stapling and an industry-first ability to automatically produce two-sided copies from one or two-sided originals.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 71 / 28

 140 / 55

 119 / 47

 418 / 922

 Staionary: 2 x 2 / 8 x 8 Movable: 2 x 2 / 6 x 6

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  1. One thing I can say about this machine was it had a stapler that that had the power to
    staple through a New York City phone book and then some.
    The stapler was driven by a 1/4 horse power motor through a Harley Davidson (I kid you not) motor cycle chain and if the screws came loose on the clincher assembly it would bend metal that would make Super Man proud.

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