Xerox 3600

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This duplicator came on the market in May 1968. Like the Xerox 2400, the Xerox 3600 has it's model number by how many copies it could produce within one hour. The Xerox 3600 could also be supplied with a sorter, as shown in the picture.






 Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)

(Centimeters) / (inches)

 79 / 31

 165 / 65

 127 / 50

 522 / 1151

 Staionary: 3 x 2 / 10 x 7 Movable: .3 x 2 / 9 x 7

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  1. I was a service engineer on this and other Xerox products in the 1970s, This was an interesting product as you needed to be well trained to get the best out of it, but things could be done to tweek it to suit the customer. Unlike later models that were electronic boxes.

  2. The 3600 was the workhorse copier in the 70s which used a lot of energy to run but was far more efficient (and accurate) than a typing pool. They would catch fire very occasionally, I had one do just that in London. The fire could start in or near the brush housing due to a combination of fine toner (dust) particles and the corona static charge. Provided the doors were kept closed the fire would usually extinguish itself making a lot of smoke in the process which might set off smoke alarms and sprinklers. Oh yes, those were the days.

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