Xerox 3100LDC

Xerox 3100 LDC

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September 1974: Xerox 3100LDC: first office size machine to produce copies larger than standard letter or legal size from plain paper originals; copies can be made from originals as large as 14″ x 18″.

The copier has a cassette paper-loading capability that permits quick and easy changes in paper sizes, weights and colors.







Some AD’s of the Xerox 3100LDC copier.

Xerox 3100 ad Xerox 3100, 3100LDC and 3107 ad Xerox 3100, 3100LDC, 3107 and 3400 ad

Xerox 3100LDC commercial


(Centimeter / inches) (K grams / Lbs) Floor Space Requirements (Meters/Feet)
Depth: 72 / 28
Width: 83 / 33
Height: 97 / 38
Weight: 95.5 / 210.6 n/a

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